Epidémiologie clinique et évaluation économique appliquées aux populations vulnérables
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437 [Medication and children: Practical situations to address the risks].

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427 Réduire le tabagisme dans les prisons : éléments théoriques et méthodologiques nécessaires à la co-construction d'une intervention en contexte pénitentiaire.

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424 [Letter to the editor regarding the article entitled "COVID-19 and medical publications: How three articles have influenced the media and public decisions in France." - Reply].

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418 Which communication strategies can improve interventions aimed at tackling social inequalities in organized cancer screening in France?

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417 Is randomized trial design adapted to population health intervention research?

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411 Cognitive status of patients judged fit for discharge from the post-anaesthesia care unit after general anaesthesia: a randomized comparison between desflurane and propofol.

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409 Variability of Prognostic Results Based on Biological Parameters in Sickle Cell Disease Cohort Studies in Children: What Should Clinicians Know?

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408 New Approach to the Surveillance of Pediatric Infectious Diseases From Ambulatory Pediatricians in the Digital Era.

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407 PTSD in prison settings: the need for direct comparisons with the general population.

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406 Nurse coordinator roles in the management of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: A French national survey.

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405 SARS-CoV-2 transmission among children and staff in daycare centres during a nationwide lockdown in France: a cross-sectional, multicentre, seroprevalence study.

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404 Religiosity and prevalence of suicide, psychiatric disorders and psychotic symptoms in the French general population.

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403 Tolerance and humoral immune response to the yellow fever vaccine in sickle cell disease children treated with hydroxyurea: a multicentre prospective study.

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402 QualFatigue study: which factors influence the use of specific interventions for breast cancer survivors with fatigue? A cross-sectional exploratory study.

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401 Multistate Modeling of COVID-19 Patients Using a Large Multicentric Prospective Cohort of Critically Ill Patients.

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400 Neuropathic Pain in Children with Sickle Cell Disease: The Hidden Side of the Vaso-Occlusive Crisis.

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399 Association of Intravenous Immunoglobulins Plus Methylprednisolone vs Immunoglobulins Alone With Course of Fever in Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children.

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398 [Dermocorticoides and sun exposure: A misunderstanding?]

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397 Infant bronchiolitis dramatically reduced during the second French COVID-19 outbreak.

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396 Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic: Impact Caused by School Closure and National Lockdown on Pediatric Visits and Admissions for Viral and Nonviral Infections-a Time Series Analysis.

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395 Career aspirations among specialty residents in France: a cross-sectional gender-based comparison.

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394 Tuberculosis in Children Hospitalized in a Low-burden Country: Description and Risk Factors of Severe Disease.

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393 Impact of integrating objective structured clinical examination into academic student assessment: Large-scale experience in a French medical school.

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392 A governmental program to encourage medical students to deliver primary prevention: experiment and evaluation in a French faculty of medicine.

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391 Abnormal bone mineral density and content in girls with early-onset anorexia nervosa.

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388 Factors Associated With Severe SARS-CoV-2 Infection.

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387 Benzodiazepine and Z drug cessation in elderly patients: A qualitative study on the perception of healthcare providers and the place of advanced practice nurses.

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384 Transition of young adults with endocrine and metabolic diseases: the 'TRANSEND' cohort.

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383 Conditions for the Implementation of a Patient Education Program Dedicated to Cancer Patients Treated by Oral Anticancer Therapy.

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382 Expert Opinions on Web-Based Peer Education Interventions for Youth Sexual Health Promotion: Qualitative Study.

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381 Response to: 'Correspondence on 'Paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2 mimicking Kawasaki disease (Kawa-COVID-19): a multicentre cohort' by Pouletty et al ' by Ventura et al.

Chommeloux J, Pouletty M, Ouldali N, Kerneis M, Mathian A, Mestiri R, Rohmer J, Hekimian G, Melki I, Great Paris Region (GPR) Kawa-COVID-19 consortium.

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380 A qualitative evaluation of the use of interventions to treat fatigue among cancer survivors: A healthcare provider's view.

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379 Body weight and return to work among survivors of early-stage breast cancer.

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378 Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Neuropathic and Mixed Pain in Children and Adolescents: Results of a Survey Study amongst Practitioners.

de Leeuw TG, der Zanden TV, Ravera S, Felisi M, Bonifazi D, Tibboel D, Ceci A, Kaguelidou F, de Wildt SN, On Behalf Of The Gapp Consortium

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377 Mortality in children with sickle cell disease in mainland France from 2000 to 2015.

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376 A Framework Proposal for Quality and Safety Measurement in Gynecologic Emergency Care.

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375 Response to 'Correspondence on 'Paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2 mimicking Kawasaki disease (Kawa-COVID19): a multicentre cohort'' by Mastrolia et al.

Borocco C, Pouletty M, Galeotti C, Meinzer U, Faye A, Koné-Paut I, Ouldali N, Melki I

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374 International consensus validation of the POPI tool (Pediatrics: Omission of Prescriptions and Inappropriate prescriptions) to identify inappropriate prescribing in pediatrics.

Sadozai L, Sable S, Le Roux E, Coste P, Guillot C, Boizeau P, Berthe-Aucejo A, Angoulvant F, Lorrot M, Bourdon O, Prot-Labarthe S

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373 Common pediatric respiratory infectious diseases may serve as an early predictor for SARS-CoV-2 new wave of infections.

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372 [Impact of models of care integrating direct access to physiotherapy in primary care and emergency care contexts in patients with musculoskeletal disorders: A narrative review].

Demont A, Quentin J, Bourmaud A

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371 Response to: 'Exaggerated neutrophil extracellular trap formation in Kawasaki disease: a key phenomenon behind the outbreak in western countries?' by Yamashita et al.

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370 Invasive Disease Potential of Pneumococcal Serotypes in Children After PCV13 Implementation.

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369 Response to: 'Correspondence on 'Paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2 mimicking Kawasaki disease (Kawa-COVID-19): a multicentre cohort' by Pouletty et al' by Pino et al.

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368 Participatory Interventions for Sexual Health Promotion for Adolescents and Young Adults on the Internet: Systematic Review.

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366 Effects of early high-dose erythropoietin on acute kidney injury following cardiac arrest: exploratory post hoc analyses from an open-label randomized trial.

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